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Innovation Brief

My complete Innovation Brief (“RLE, VER. 1.0 – TURNING FICTION INTO ‘REALITY’”) can be read below. (Note: Please open a new tab and sign-in to your Google account if the readable version of the document [not the link below it] does display correctly…)

Download (Swanson__RLE-Innovation-Brief-Phase-1-Final.doc - DOC, 187KB)


The end goal of the “Real Life Engine©” (aka, the “RLE©”) is to intentionally blur the dividing line between fiction and reality via ultra-realistic telepresence technology. Initially, the primary objective of this system will be immersion for interaction with games. However, post-graduation iterations will explore business and communication avenues.

The “Phase 1” (undergraduate level) goal of this SIP is to design and implement the audio/visual immersion headset portion of the RLE, including some form of motion tracking. A specialized software package should also be designed and utilized to create the beginnings of the advanced telepresence technology. Finally, this phase should create an alpha-level release candidate combination package of the hardware/software setup and should give players a small taste of what it will be like to travel into the infinite worlds of fictional universes as if those realms were no different than the physical places they might visit.

The instructions for this alpha-release include what hardware to purchase, combine, and how to demo the hardware in a specialized environment designed to showcase the finer points of the system. Phase 1 of the project was completed by utilizing the test platform created during design phases and successfully navigating through at least 3 environments. And said platform created during Phase 1 is the audio/visual immersion headset portion of the RLE, including motion tracking.

Relevant Keywords

immersion, realism, simulation, controller, virtual reality, augmented reality, video game, Oculus Rift, Kinect, Omni Vuzix, Portal 2

SIP Demonstration Prezi

I chose to use a Prezi Presentation to demonstrate my SIP. You can view that demo by going here:



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