Spider Snatcher

Screenshot of Spider Snatcher

Screenshot of Spider Snatcher

  • Key Details: 3D First Person Item Collector

  • Description: Spider Snatcher is a game played on a first person shooter engine but without any PVP or PVE weapons. The goal is to collect (or “snatch”) 12 spiders.

  • Extended Explanation: I created Spider Snatcher using the guts of a first person shooter engine, which I repurposed to be used as an item collector game instead. It is an entry-level AAA-targeted game where the player takes on the role of a Marine Corps biologist sent to recover alien spider specimens from a distant planet. To collect the spiders, the player presses what is normally the primary fire key (often Ctrl or Mouse1) when they are within catching range of a giant spider. If successful, their PDA announces: ‘specimen collected.’

  • Programming Process and Methods: Spider Snatcher was created in Visual C# with XNA 3.0 using the Visual C# Express 2008 IDE. It was created for my GAM205O (“Gameplay Programming Concepts”) Final Project in July 2012.

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