Spaz Invaderz

Screenshot of Spaz Invaderz

  • Key Details: Invaderz – from Spaaaayz!

  • Description: “Spaz Invaderz” is a cleverly named but obviously derived game based on the 1978 Atari game.

  • Extended Explanation: I originally created my copy (based on the original) of “Spaz Invaderz” using Dark Basic Pro for GAM105O (“Intro to Game Programming II”) Project 3 in August 2012. However, I created this edition as another exercise in porting code from one language to another. This time instead of Java to C# & XNA, I converted DarkBasic Pro to C++ with Allegra (v4.2.3). In both cases, my goal was to make it mirror the original as close as possible (aside from the name).

  • Programming Process and Methods: Created from scratch with Visual C++ and the Allegro 4.2.3 library using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 IDE. It was created for GAM327O (“Game Development in C++”) Project 5 in February 2013.

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