Real Life Engine / RLE

Screenshot of Prototype 0.4 Test Of the RLE

  • Key Details: New Gaming, Communication, and Telepresence Platform

  • Description: The Real Life Engine, or RLE for short, is a new platform project in its early stages. It will initially be a new gaming platform, much like when a new game console comes out. However, this is just the early foundation of a project that has far-reaching expectations into business telepresence and news ways to be a social communicator. Additional information can also be found on my main thesis/SIP page.

  • Extended Explanation: The Real Life Engine (my SIP) aims to revolutionize communication and telepresence, not just gaming. It therefore fits in the serious games genre because it will be both a gaming application with non-gaming applications (e.g. a new platform for communication and telepresence). It also opens the door for tasks such as remotely performed minor medical procedures as well as remote education and training (e.g., a new form of classroom or a serious simulation system used to train police or firefighters.)

  • Programming Process and Methods: I have been developing the RLE since at least Circa March 2008 — and likely much longer in fleeting mental notes that were not initially captured on paper. I have been building it open slowly but surely across approximately half a dozen classes since the beginning of my degree at UAT.

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