Dieter and the Pirates of Light / Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers

Screenshot of Dieter and the Pirates of Light / Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers

  • Key Details: Documentation and Presentation for a console platformer game.

  • Description: “Dieter and the Pirates of Light” / “Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers” (two working titles) is designed as a console platformer that takes place on present day Earth in an alternate reality. To view these documents, visit my Written Articles page and browse through the first two articles.

  • Extended Explanation: The fictional world in DPL / CBatMM is plagued by an empire of indifference and neutrality. Captain Blah and the Meh-Mongers have stolen the Flabbergast – the Earth’s source of all humor, ardor, concern, and liveliness… But in a forgotten kingdom, a brave hero lies dormant in suspended cryogenic animation and two unlikely travelers search for the hope he might bring to oppose the apathy, and boredom that pervades the world. If only they had the mythological compass of time… Join Lukas Sage and his dog, Fern on their quest to make people give a hoot about something again! Note that this project is a completed design, as per the assignment for which it was created, but has yet to be made into a game.

  • Programming Process and Methods: N/A. No programming work has yet begun. However, I have participated heavily in the design phases of a game by way of this project. I also worked as a team on this project with Shaun Coss, Gavin Irby, Bryan Layne, and Philip Pease. It was developed over the course of the entire MGT310O (“Project Management in a Technology Environment”) class and was submitted as the our final Project in August 2011.

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