Casual Tactics

Casual Tactics FaceBook Build - Running on FireFox, 20130202

  • Key Details: Casual Play, Tactical/Strategy, Card Game

  • Description: With Casual Tactics you can show all your friends your digital tactical supremacy. Fight to gain new characters which can be used in newer and tougher battles all the time. CT is a casual based tactics game played on a 2D 8×8 game board with 4 players on each team (one player controlled and one AI controlled). It has 3 demo levels that have been completed thus far.

  • Extended Explanation: Casual Tactics is a tactics game aimed at the casual IOS and Facebook audience. Our goal is to implement solid tactics mechanics into a casual atmosphere which will appeal to a wide audience of players. If the game proves to be successful, development will progress so that we can easily turn this into a full fledged tactics RPG available across all mobile/social platforms. At the moment the only cards enabled for players are rangers, but the computer controls a ranger, warrior, cleric, and mage. Casual Tactics showcases both the casual genre and the mobile platform.

  • Programming Process and Methods: Casual Tactics was created on a medium-sized team of mostly interning artisans and developers from all of the required facets of game development including programming, design, graphic arts, music, and sound. I joined the project in November 2012, cleaned up and optimized the code, and successfully ported its current iteration to Facebook (in a Sandbox; see attached screenshot), Android (both natively and in Chrome for Android), iOS (in Safari), and PS3 (in the native browser). The game retains graphical placeholders at the moment since we are waiting for our artist to complete the art assets before we proceed further.

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