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View the Demo Reel for me, Nathaniel Swanson, majoring in Game Programming from catalog year 2007-2009 here:

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Screenshot of Breakout

  • Key Details: Break blocks with moving paddle; try not to ‘drop’ the ball

  • Description: “Breakout” is based on the 1976 Atari game




3D Pong

Screenshot of 3D Pong

  • Key Details: Pong – in 3D!

  • Description: “Pong” is based on the 1972 Atari game





Lucky Sevens

Screenshot of Lucky Sevens

  • Key Details: Dice Game

  • Description: “Lucky Sevens” is an illustrative dice game used to illustrate how quickly a gambler’s luck can go awry.




Oasis Engine

Screenshot of the Oasis Engine

  • Key Details: 3D Game Engine

  • Description: Our main project for the class was to write a 3d Game Engine in DirectX 10.




Casual Tactics

Casual Tactics FaceBook Build - Running on FireFox, 20130202

  • Key Details: Casual Play, Tactical/Strategy, Card Game

  • Description: With Casual Tactics you can show all your friends your digital tactical supremacy. Fight to gain new characters which can be used in newer and tougher battles all the time. CT is a casual based tactics game played on a 2D 8×8 game board with 4 players on each team (one player controlled and one AI controlled). It has 3 demo levels that have been completed thus far.



Spider Snatcher

Screenshot of Spider Snatcher

Screenshot of Spider Snatcher

  • Key Details: 3D First Person Item Collector

  • Description: Spider Snatcher is a game played on a first person shooter engine but without any PVP or PVE weapons. The goal is to collect (or “snatch”) 12 spiders.




Real Life Engine / RLE

Screenshot of Prototype 0.4 Test Of the RLE

  • Key Details: New Gaming, Communication, and Telepresence Platform

  • Description: The Real Life Engine, or RLE for short, is a new platform project in its early stages. It will initially be a new gaming platform, much like when a new game console comes out. However, this is just the early foundation of a project that has far-reaching expectations into business telepresence and news ways to be a social communicator. Additional information can also be found on my main thesis/SIP page.




Bouncing to Betty

Bouncing to Betty

  • Key Details: One Button Gaming

  • Description: Bouncing to Betty is a randomized vertical platformer of sorts that utilizes the one-button input control scheme.




Dieter and the Pirates of Light / Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers

Screenshot of Dieter and the Pirates of Light / Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers

  • Documentation and Presentation for a console platformer game.

  • Description: “Dieter and the Pirates of Light” / “Captain Blah and the Meh Mongers” (two working titles) is designed as a console platformer that takes place on present day Earth in an alternate reality.




Allegro Platformer Demo

Screenshot of Allegro Platformer Demo

  • Key Details: Allegro Platformer Demo

  • Description: This unnamed tech demo is a simple platformer demo that tests and showcases Mappy and the Allegro 4.2.3 library.




Spaz Invaderz

Screenshot of Spaz Invaderz

  • Key Details: Invaderz – from Spaaaayz!

  • Description: “Spaz Invaderz” is a cleverly named but obviously derived game based on the 1978 Atari game.




Sprite Collision Test

Screenshot of Sprite Collision Test

  • Key Details: Sprite Collision Test

  • Description: “Sprite Collision Test” in an otherwise unnamed simple tech demo that tests and showcases basic collision tests between sprites.




Alien Assault

Screenshot of Alien Assault

  • Key Details: 2D Space Shoot ‘Em Up

  • Description: Alien Assault is a simple but addictive 2D space shooter.




Air Strike

Screenshot of Air Strike

  • Key Details: Helicopter Ground-to-Air Combat

  • Description: Air Strike is a third person shooter. Players control a helicopter and shoot tanks.




Allegro Side-Scroller Demo

Screenshot of Allegro Side-Scroller Demo

  • Key Details: Allegro Side-Scroller Demo

  • Description: This unnamed tech demo is a simple side-scroller demo that tests and showcases Mappy and the Allegro 4.2.3 library.




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