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Ready Player One



If you have not yet read Ready Player One (, then I highly encourage you to go to the official site, your nearest book store, or etc and get it. I don’t care if it is the printed book, eBook, or audio book — you have GOT to read/hear this! I’m nearly finished with it in only two weeks as I have been unable to put it down! The OASIS is *precisely* what I am trying to create with my Student Innovation Project. I’m already part way there.

I successfully integrated the Oculus Rift and the Kinect with Portal 2 last weekend (YouTube videos avaible on my SIP page: and in so doing created an absolutely phenomenal gameplay experience like no other I have ever had before! And when my Virtuix Omni ( arrives at my home in the next few months, I’ll be even closer to blurring fiction and reality. It will be the next best thing to having a haptic full-immersion rig like those described in RPO.


The future is here, my friends. Now we just need to grasp hold of it and make it a present-day reality!

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