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Hi! Welcome to my WordPress site! My name is Nathaniel “Nate” Swanson and my gamertag/avatar name is “Boswen.” I am a generalist game programmer with lots of enthusiasm and some very ambitious project designs. This site will be a portfolio to showcase the games I’ve created and my Student Innovation Project (i.e., my Bachelor’s Thesis).

Regular updates will occur once or twice weekly from mid-September through mid-October 2013, with additional updates as necessary during that time frame, and further updates within 24-48 hours as they occur following the evaluation of my thesis.

Please enjoy your time surfing my website.  I look forward to posting for you in the coming weeks and beyond, dear readers. If you need to reach me, my contact information is available in a widget sidebar to your right, my left.


Farewell and Godspeed!

Nate Swanson, Aug 2012

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