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If you have not yet read Ready Player One (, then I highly encourage you to go to the official site, your nearest book store, or etc and get it. I don’t care if it is the printed book, eBook, or audio book — you have GOT to read/hear this! I’m nearly finished with it in only two weeks as I have been unable to put it down! The OASIS is *precisely* what I am trying to create with my Student Innovation Project. I’m already part way there.

I successfully integrated the Oculus Rift and the Kinect with Portal 2 last weekend (YouTube videos avaible on my SIP page: and in so doing created an absolutely phenomenal gameplay experience like no other I have ever had before! And when my Virtuix Omni ( arrives at my home in the next few months, I’ll be even closer to blurring fiction and reality. It will be the next best thing to having a haptic full-immersion rig like those described in RPO.


The future is here, my friends. Now we just need to grasp hold of it and make it a present-day reality!

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  1. Boswen says:

    Oh, and a quick disclaimer about the book, too. The book contains a few sections wherein foul language is used by immature high-schoolers. It also contains one or two scenes that rather matter-of-factly discuss things not appropriate for children. Although they are a realistic discourse on what might happen with this kind of technology, I’m hoping those sections will be left out of the movie. (Google for it. WB bought the rights to it…) Apologies for that, but just take the book for it is: A great story and a great account of what the technology of the future might be one day!

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